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Athletes! Be More Active and Pain Free with TENS and EMS

Be More Active and Pain Free with TENS and EMS

It is said that iTENS and EMSf you want to be more active with your life, try to do more sports. Playing some sports can make you more energetic, enthusiastic, and of course, physically, socially and mentally healthy. Some kinds of sports also develop and enhance the decision-making and analytical skills of the athletes.

Of course, we all really want to be active and have a lively lifestyle. However, as we grow older and have those activities that require physical efforts, we tend to be susceptible to pains and aches. As stated before, sports can really be a big help to people, yet, sports can also be a source of muscular pains and body aches.

Injuries or even variety of movements can force, tense, or stress the muscles and for you to be able to keep up with the activities and sports actions, you need effective, stress-free, and easy-to-use treatments. Get to know Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and Electro Muscle Stimulation and find out how your muscles be more fueled in any sports you may have.

TENS and EMS – Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation for Athletes

tens and emsUsing electrical signals that are stimulated to the nerves to block or reduce pains, these battery-operated devices are best for athletes who are suffering from both acute and long-term pain, particularly in the muscles, tendons and joints. TENS and EMS unit use electrical impulses to block or reduce pain signals that are sent to the brain. Plus, with the use of these devices, endorphins, a hormone that increase the body’s ability to perform physical activities, is kindled to produce. So, how these TENS and EMS units are used? Best TENS and EMS unit are connected to the body with small electrode pads. Users will experience a prickling sensation when using the device.

TENS devices are helpful if athletes wanted to decrease the pain from sports injury and get back with their sports queue.

TENS and EMS – Electro Muscle Stimulation for Athletes


Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) is a well-known application for stimulating muscles. This can give the muscles a new vigor and endurance needed to perform well in sports. EMS devices also use electrical impulses which are applied to the peripheral nerve damage. These electrical stimulations can generate motor responses in users with less or reduced muscle capacity. These devices are effective for those who wanted to have relaxation of muscle spasms, avoid retardation and malfunctioning of the muscles, increase blood circulation, and maintain the wide variety of movements.

Since both of TENS and EMS devices are used with electricity, these must be used with proper training. Especially, if you’re going to use the devices for the first time, medical insights must be considered.

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