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Berlin says Goodbye

This year we celebrated our birthday in Berlin, where we worked in coworking office Supermarkt Studios.

We were always available for our clients. We were working on projects with even more enthusiasm. Bigger integration contributed to also bigger creativity. Our clients noticed that the relocation didn’t affect our effectiveness.

Every day after work we were going sightseeing. We managed to see the main tourist attractions of the city. We loved walking through the streets – the main ones and the small, charming ones. We ate bratwurst, schnitzels and other specialties from Germany. During last weekend we organized a trip to Dresden. The city made a real impression on us, especially at night. We could never leave this city!

The week went by really quickly. We discovered Berlin in a new way: not only as the tourist attraction, but also as a great work place. Our team is even more integrated and ready to new challenges. What’s next? Back to our office in Poznań and making projects with even more positive energy from Berlin. In next year there will be another relocation to one of the European cities – we’re looking forward to see which one 🙂

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