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Muscle Pain & Weakness: Treating with TENS and EMS the Easy Way


Are you tired of taking those bulks of nauseating numbers of painkillers and medications just to ease those aggravating and recurring muscle pains? You might have not tried yet the application of Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) and Electrical Nerve Stimulator (EMS). Read this post and be one of those people who have experienced wellness and muscles with improved strength.

TENS and EMS for Muscle Pains


When muscles are overused, tensed, or injured, it is very apparent to have muscle aches and pains.  Accidents due to sports or activities can cause muscle trauma or strains. Activities that demands for physical effort can cause tension and stress to the muscles. There are a lot of other causes of muscle aches and pains, with some of them related to some diseases and infections.

However, the most common muscle pains are caused by overusing and tension especially, in today’s common lifestyle and fast-paced working demands. Back pains, neck pain, leg pains are those that are mostly involved with pains. Several treatments are also being introduced by many health practitioners in the health field. However, most of those treatments require a lot of time, effort and money, as well as effort. Unfortunately, not everyone who suffers from muscle pain can all cover those demands.

In addition, as muscles age and being used, its strength and endurance are lessened. This can greatly affect your everyday performance. Thus, a more efficient and hassle-free treatment or application can be a help to you!

Introducing the Application of TENS and EMS


Electric currents and impulses have been vital and useful in the field of medicine. Now, in today’s technological advancement and innovation, these electrical impulses are now applied to devices to develop another breakthrough in treating pain and strengthening muscles.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulator (TENS) is an application which uses electrical impulses to blocked and treats muscle pains. TENS machines are devices that stimulate nerves after connecting to the nerves with the aid of two or more electrodes. This is amazing because TENS decreases pain and dramatically controls chronic and acute pain. In addition, this application, based on some studies, helps improve muscle protein fusion after surgery, particularly in the abdominal muscles.

Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS) on the other hand, can reduce if not prevent as wasting of muscles, or what is known muscle atrophy. Because of the electrical impulses, EMS can also help increase blood circulation to the muscles, augment muscle strength, enhance variety of motions, and improve muscle endurance. For people who think that their muscles need these kinds of attention, EMS caTENS and EMS Medic2000n of great benefits to you. However, an expert must be still consulted to ask for the proper use of these devices. There are special conditions that both the TENS and EMS are not applicable to be used.

Both the TENS and EMS are battery-operated. With its features and designs, they are portable and do not demands for other things such as space and time. As long as you know how to use them properly, you can be free of those drugs which you used to take.

Say goodbye to muscle pains, as well as those bulks of medicines, and be more active with the application of TENS and EMS!

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