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TENS Machines and Pregnancy – Stop the Pain and Suffering

TENS Machines and Pregnancy

TENS Machines and Pregnancy

TENS Machines and Pregnancy – Electrical Nerve Stimulation is a drug free method of relieving labor pain. TENS Machines and Pregnancy is used with the help of electric current that is being produced by a device to stimulate the nerves for therapeutic purposes for pregnant women. There is a certain procedure on how to use the TENS in a labor room before a mother gave birth; the unit is usually connected to the skin around the lower spine area, it is normally used a couple of hours before a child birth.

TENS Machines and Pregnancy  – Designed Devices

TENS MTENS Machines and Pregnancyachines are designed to be familiar with the physical features of labor and child birth, it provides effective pain relief during the whole cycle of labor. TENS Machines and Pregnancy designed devices delivers safe and effective relief to a mother. It is a device that sends low frequency electronic pulses through the skin to block pain signals from being sent to the brain which make it ideal for a child birth. It has special features; digital dual maternity TENS machine is specifically designed for use during labor, suitable for obstetrics and the whole experience of labor and childbirth, TENS Machines and Pregnancy has handheld remote boost switch for additional pain control in time of intense pain, user friendly and light weight and most especially drug without any side effects for the mother or to the baby.

TENS Machines and Pregnancy – The maternity tens machine

The maternity tens machine is very useful, when a mother has a lots of anxiety or fear about maternity and labor from her past, it may affect the way labor is progressing and  it helps a mother to relax her body if she is tensing up during contractions.

Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is more advisable unlike the epidural process, because pushing is more difficult because a labor patient unable to feel contractions as strongly, other maternity interventions like forceps, vacuum TENS Machines and Pregnancyextractions, and a caesarian section maybe necessary. The other disadvantages of epidural process; permanent nerve is being damaged. As to add up, there is also a sudden drop of blood pressure when an epidural process has to be taken, resulting for a routine checks to make sure the baby is receiving a right amount of blood flow.

Meanwhile, there are clinical evidences that suggests the TENS stimulator to achieve the best pain relief. It is should be used from the first onset of labor pain for two to three hours after birth. If it is found out that insufficient pain relief is achieved with the obstetrics. With TENS Machines and Pregnancy there is an 80% of births with no side effects in pain control.

After a commercial success of the other TENS Machines and Pregnancy device, a number of companies began manufacturing TENS. Many People confuse TENS with Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation and Electro Muscle Stimulation (EMS), the first unit is for blocking pain, and the other one is for stimulating the muscles. The device just looks similar because both of them use long electrical lead wires and electrodes.

You have all the right to help plan your health. Being able to help this plan, you must learn about pain and how can be treated. You can tell them or discuss your doctors or caregiver.

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