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TENS and EMS: Breakthroughs in Treating Back Pain

When Back Pain Strikes You


When back pain strikes you, the pain really punches you and devastates your activities. When any pain is hindering you from doing your tasks efficiently, your performance will be impinged. Although common back pains are not triggered by serious conditions, it still entails great attention not to worsen and leads to a more chronic situation. Oftentimes, when someone suffers from back pain, he/she will either ignore it or take some pain killers to ease the pain.

However, this lasts only for a short time. Hot and cold compress are also applied to a more acute pain. Other options include massage, decompression, therapy, and surgery.

Since it is about pain, despite of all the treatments that the medical field has offered, technological advancement has brought also a new breakthrough – the application of TENS and EMS.

Common Causes of Back Pain


In every pain, there are underlying factors that are needed to be understood first. With this, the proper treatment will be sought and applied to treat the pain. This will also help the patient to learn precautionary measures to prevent acquiring those pains if possible.

Health practitioners and medical sites are agreeing on the following common causes of back pain:

  • Injuries caused by accidents such as in car accidents, sports, etc.
  • Other diseases and conditions such as having scoliosis, tumors, osteoporosis, etc.
  • Infections which commonly causes pain in the lower back.
  • Disc and spine problems.
  • Muscle strains.

Symptoms of Back Pain

Back Pain

Since the back is one of the largest parts of the body, it is divided into upper, middle, and low back pain regions. Each pain in each region can be a designation of an underlying cause.

  • Stiffness and numbness
  • Sharp pain in the upper or lower back after lifting heavy weights
  • Persistent aches
  • Sciatica or the pain in the lower back going down to one or two legs

Introducing TENS and EMS as a Solution for Back Pain


Back Pain

Although TENS and EMS have long been introduced and used in treating pains, it is only now that this breakthrough has been penetrating the world of pain treatment. What is TENS and EMS, by the way?

TENS or Transcutaneous Electrical Nerve Stimulation is the application of electrical impulses to stimulate the nerve and reduce the pain. The device using TENS is attached to the skin with two or more electrodes. No to worry about any harm with those wires and electrodes because they are non-invasive. It is also likely to ease and treat pain caused by surgery or operation, different kinds of arthritis, and musculoskeletal pain. TENS is intended mostly in blocking the pain.

Back Pain

On the other hand, EMS or Electro Muscle Stimulation helps ease and treat pains by stimulating the muscles. This is commonly used to tone muscles and improve muscle endurance.

MES and TENS devices look identical because of the parts such as the features and the buttons on it. They are both portable and battery-operated. That is why unlike other treatments, TENS and EMS devices are easier to use and afford, and these are also undemanding with regards to time and space.

So, if you want to be free from back pain and have the ease and comfort that you’ve been yearning for. Find out more about TENS and EMS application. Get familiar with their features and take advantage of the benefits these breakthroughs can give you NOW!

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